Arrowstar Kindergarten


No crisis will stop Arrowstar from reaching you. We will always be here to answer your inquiries about our school. Through an Online Open House session, we can give you a real time tour of our facilities, conduct a fun and interactive interview, and provide vital information of what’s in store for your child. So book your Online Open House here to know what Arrowstar has to offer!


As we are starting our new school, we would like to give you an offer that is hard to resist. Arrowstar is giving a 50% discount for the development fee and a 100% off registration fee for the first 15 students. Hurry up, don’t miss this chance, and grab the seat for your beloved child.


We designed our program and schedule according to the children’s capacity to learn. The children's growth, development, and needs are our primary considerations in the hope it will bring out the best from them.