Arrowstar Kindergarten

Preparing your child for whole-child development

Our Kindergarten education program is based on developmentally appropriate practices which we believe will develop children to reach their maximum potential.

  • Arrowstar believes that the values and principles of Christianity are very vital for the development of young children. This is the reason why the curriculum is biblically-based. All activities including learning and playing are integrated with the biblical concept to help young children learn and think best.
  • Arrowstar’s atmosphere is designed to fulfill the different needs of each child and stimulate children’s curiosity. Because children learn best while they are playing, using play-based teaching methods are given, for them to learn excitedly and joyfully.
  • At Arrowstar, children learn to respect and understand the importance of nature; to support their growth and to let them acknowledge nature’s contribution to human survival. The children will be taught to be careful and mindful in their daily activities and to take part in preserving nature.

Here, at Arrowstar Kindergarten, we get to know each child, so we can personalize their learning experiences that will help them develop holistically; as a whole-child.




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