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Why Should You Choose the Right Preschool for Your Child?

Early childhood is a very crucial stage in one’s life. In this stage, the aspects physical, intellectual, as well as social, and emotional have to be holistically nurtured. Researches have shown that the most significant progress in physical and mental development has happened from birth until the age of six. This is why children need to be exposed to various and meaningful learning experiences with the supervision of caring and prudent adults.

In fact, early childhood learning really matters to nurture children holistically so that they are able to be skillful, creative, responsible, and competitive global citizens in the future. Parents should be aware of which education is best for their children to equip them with a strong foundation of faith, life skills, language and literacy, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), creative expression, and global awareness. 
When choosing a preschool becomes so difficult for parents, one thing they should remember is that early childhood learning is basically built on trusting relationships among children, teachers, and parents. Therefore, parents should also be aware of the curriculum offered, how the curriculum is implemented, the teachers’ quality, and how a relationship is built between school and parents. All these concerns have to be harmoniously built to create a positive learning environment that is able to unlock all children’s potentials to reach their future dreams.

Written By: Ms. Yuli – IPEKA Section Head of K-6